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Top Mapping Applications for AutoCAD 2020

The default AutoCAD tools for terrain could be a problem if you have ever used them.

AutoCAD is an application for drawing and document creation. It supports only information about terrain and therefore it’s not unexpected that AutoCAD offers limited capabilities by default. Autodesk products such as Auto CAD MAP 3D or Civil 3D offer more functionality for terrain data , such as the built-in PointCloud support. AutoCAD does require the following software.

Selection Criteria for the Top Mapping Software AutoCAD

Our team selected the apps we reviewed in this article based on a set of guidelines. The apps had to be registered on the app store, so that you can trust that you are getting the software from a legitimate source. Digital signatures are used to ensure that there aren’t any problems with spyware or malware and that the developer is able to be contactable. This is different from hackers pretending to be an entire company on a single computer screen at home.


Spatial Manager

The app is able to import data into AutoCAD, but that’s just one feature. It is able to import into AutoCAD but it’s only one of the aspects.


Scatter is the best application to use if you have 100 small components that need to be distributed equally or not over an area. Customers love the app and have reviewed it. It allows you to choose a method of scattering the parts or individual parts to scatter across the area, volume, or curve. This app is a success due because it can provide regular or uniform distributions, as well as rotate and scale objects, as well as randomization options.


LISP is the foundation of AutoCad. The app comes with a LISP utility which can be used in conjunction with AutoCAD 2012 and further. You can reposition raster files relative the part they are part. When exporting information from this plug-in, the geo-locations of the data will be preserved.